Weight Loss

Keys to Losing Weight

What is it that contributes to weight gain and the difficulty in losing weight?  On the surface of course it appears that we gain weight from eating too much and exercising too little, but is that all there is to it?

Weight gain is multi-faceted and as a result losing weight is also multi-faceted. We tend to always fight the battle on the surface without looking at the root of the problem. Yes, we may eat too much of the wrong things. We may feel lazy and not exercise enough. But what makes us follow habits that are not supportive to our health and weight loss?

The most common cause of over-eating is our emotions and the inability to handle them and that includes stress. Emotions cause havoc to our mind, our choices and our health. Even if we know what the right thing to do is, we find ourselves out of control doing the wrong thing. Out of excessive stress, we eat. When we feel angry, we eat. When we feel sad or depressed, we eat. When we are disappointed, we eat. We turn to food for comfort.

When it comes to losing weight, first we need to learn which foods are healthy and which foods are not, which habits are healthy and which habits are not.

Second, we need to recognize how our emotions are impacting our choices and our mind. We need to reflect on when weight gain first started and what was going on in our life at that time. And we also need to look at the present and the circumstances that make us gravitate towards over-eating or eating the wrong foods.

So education comes first. Self-awareness next. And there is still one other factor that must be considered, and that is our energy field.

What is an energy field and what does it have to do with weight gain? We have all experienced entering into a room and either feeling a wonderful, upbeat feeling or feeling like we want to get out of there as fast as possible. What is the reason for this? It’s the energy within that room or the people within it. When we are interacting with people that are stressed, angry, depressed, we pick up the vibrations of those energies. When we continuously have negative thoughts, we create imprints in our energy field that creates a heaviness of the negativity. The heaviness accumulates from both our internal creations (thoughts and emotions) as well as from our environment. Our traumas from the past also leave imprints in our energy field.

The same way that eating a large meal makes us feel heavy inside, so to it is with these heavy energies. They begin to gradually weigh us down and decrease our will power and strength.  The heaviness also creates a gradual imbalance in our digestive system which slows down our metabolism.

If you are wondering why it’s difficult to lose weight or why its difficult to keep it off, then its important to approach weight loss from all 3 perspectives.

One small exercise you can do is, look back to when you started to gain weight for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you were only 2 years old or 14 or 40. Reflect back and remember what was going on in your life at the time. Were your parents going through a difficult period and you were experiencing the same as a child? Were you having a difficult time in school as a teenager? Were you going through a divorce? Did you go through financial difficulties? Was there a loss in the family?

When we realize when the weight gain started and the difficult emotions that we were facing at the time, it gives us a clue to what we may need to still clear from our hearts and energy field before we can be free to lose weight and keep it off.

And a few extra tips for you to do as a daily routine to support you in losing weight:

1-Drink a cup of hot water (not tea or coffee) first thing in the morning

2-Do not eat a large meal later than 7pm. If you have to eat dinner late, then let it be your lightest meal, such as a salad or steamed vegetables.

3-Be sure to sleep enough hours every day (at least 7hrs ideally).

4-Eat a large bowl of mixed steamed vegetables every day (not counting salads)

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