New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney (Worldwide) Clients 

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No Matter where you live in the world, I can guide you to make the necessary changes to improve your Health!

Phone Health Consultations and Coaching are available for people who do not live locally and would like to improve their health from any part of the world.


Most people believe that the way they are living their life is healthy and yet they suffer from numerous health conditions.

I bring together knowledge from Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to assess the root of your issue in order for you to become healthy.

How it Works:

  • We will go over your entire health history very thoroughly
  • We will look at your health condition from a Chinese Medicine perspective
  • We will look at your condition from a Functional Medicine perspective
  • We will cover your diet in detail as well as any medications and supplements that you are taking
  • If absolutely necessary, I will suggest any lab tests or other specialized tests that might be beneficial for understanding the root cause of your issues (these lab tests are often not the same as those conventional doctors prescribe)
  • I will give you specific dietary recommendations to help improve your health (food is the #1 medicine in my practice and my suggestions are from a Chinese Medicine perspective)
  • If necessary I will give you specific supplement or herb recommendations
  • I will educate you about using food as part of your medicine toward better health
  • We will look at factors that could be exacerbating your condition
  • We will look at lifestyle choices that could support your health
  • I will guide you towards more balanced and healthier choices in order to achieve optimum health
  • I will help to motivate you in order to take better care of yourself

Many conditions can be improved by the changes we make in our lives. Some of the conditions that can be supported long distance are:

Allergies Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Weight Loss
Cancer Headache/Migraines Heartburn
Menstrual Pain PMS, Menstrual Pain, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Constipation
Bloating Skin Conditions – Psoriasis/Eczema/Acne Digestive Issues
Fatigue Hair Loss (if not hereditary) Brain Fog
  • First Appointment – Please send an email through the contact form. Share briefly the health condition(s) that are a challenge for you and we will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • Make your payment (prices listed below)
  • Upon completing your payment, you will be forwarded a thorough questionnaire about your health and diet.
  • Fill out the questionnaire in detail and email it back to us.
  • By making an appointment, you are Agreeing to the Terms & Services.


  • Future follow-up appointments can be paid through the website directly in the increments given below.
  • 15min $30
  • 30min $60
  • 45min $80
  • 60min $110
  • $179 (First Time Appointments)
First Time Appointments, we will need 90 minutes.  The time spent on the phone together will be approximately 45-60min, however 30-45minutes will be spent preparing and providing you with your health guidance.