Tele-Medicine (Phone Consultation)

Tele-medicine is an excellent way to get support with your health from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Ideally the first visit is in person to also use pulses for your diagnosis. Please contact me about your health condition and I will be able to guide you if I will be able to support you long-distance.

coaching (phone or zoom)

Coaching is a powerful tool to help empower you towards your goal.  Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives and unhappy with how things are evolving. Insights and guidance can put us on the right track towards a healthy, happy life. I will guide you to make your dreams into a reality.

Dermatology Consulting

Dermatology conditions can be very disturbing and medications only add more to the problem. Chinese Medicine is a very powerful and natural way to support many skin conditions. In most cases, dietary changes and herbal medicine both internal and topical will be required.


People of all ages can receive acupuncture treatments from children to adults to elderly. Contrary to what many at first believe, acupuncture needles are hardly perceptible and the treatment is extremely relaxing and refreshing.

Herbal Medicine

Custom made herbal formulas are written and prepared specific to each person’s symptoms as well as the underlying cause, thus treating your entire health pattern.

Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition was known as the “first” medicine in the ancient times, before disease became more chronic and severe where herbal remedies were necessary. I strong believe in the power of food. If our diet does not support our health, then no matter how many supplements we take, we will only be countering our wrong diet. Our diet needs to be put on the right track first.

Teenage Health

The best time to learn about healing the body naturally is when one is growing up. Teenagers often respond to acupuncture treatments even more rapidly than adults. Natural medicine can take away a lot of the discomfort of health issues that may come along with the distress of dealing with life and growing up.