HERBAL Medicine

Herbal Medicine Formulas are custom made specific to each persons symptoms as well as the underlying cause, thus treating your entire pattern. Anywhere from 4-16 different herbs are combined in a formula and these are modified regularly as symptoms change/improve. Herbal Formulas can also be taken as preventative measures based on each persons constitution on an ongoing basis to maintain health.
Chinese Herbal Medicine can be given in various forms. Depending on the condition, results can be experienced immediately or up to two weeks in more chronic cases. Chronic cases usually require taking herbal medicine for a longer time.

Herbs taken internally:

  • Raw Herbs boiled and made into a Decoction
  • Concentrated Powder Herbs made into a Decoction
  • Powder Granules (with or without capsule) – WE OFFER THIS FORM IN OUR OFFICE
  • Liquid extract
  • Pill
Herbs for topical application:

  • Liniments and Plasters
  • Ointments and Creams

What is special about Herbal Medicine?

  • No Drugs introduced to body
  • Minimal to no adverse reactions
  • Formula modified and made specific to each individual as conditions improve and change
  • Formula can be made to treat the root cause along with the symptoms
  • Harmonizing as well as strengthening your body?s natural capabilities
  • A Safe and Effective Way to stay Healthy NaturallyFor more information on Herbal Treatments, please go to FAQ.