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AYNI - documentary

An award-winning Film by Rita Panahi – Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer

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a film by Rita panahi

A 25 minute, heart-warming documentary taking you through the life of the Q’ero indigenous people, direct descendants of the powerful Inca. Living hidden in the high mountains of Peru after escaping the Spanish conquest, despite the tremendous hardships they endured, they maintained a deep respect, love and connection with nature, seeing it as a reflection of God, worthy of deep reverence and love. The beauty of their songs and rituals will touch your soul and open your heart.

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SEMI-FINALIST - Aphrodite Film Awards - New York 2022
Ayni-AWARD WINNER-CannesShortFilmFestival-2022
AWARD WINNER - New York Movie Awards - 2022
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Berlin Indie Film Festival-Black - 2022
SEMI-FINALIST - New York International Women Festival - 2022
GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Silicon Beach Film Festival - 2022
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Milan Gold Awards - 2023
W-SEMI-FINALIST - Dumbo Film Festival - 2022


Ayni (Reciprocity) Film
Ayni (Reciprocity) Film
Ayni (Reciprocity) Film
Ayni (Reciprocity) Film

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Stills from the documentary 'AYNI'

Documentary - Q'ero - Ayni - Rita Panahi
Ayni - Documentary - Q'ero - Rita Panahi
Screen Shot 2Ayni - Documentary - Q'ero - Rita Panahi
Ayni - Documentary - Q'ero - Rita Panahi
Ayni Poster Jul 2022
Documentary - Ayni - Rita Panahi - Q'ero
Ayni - Documentary - Q'ero - Rita Panahi

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3iii Talent competition
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