About Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine seeks not only to treat the symptoms, but to address the Root Cause to promote Health, Vitality and Longevity – bringing Peace and Balance in the Heart and Mind.

It is one of the most ancient forms of medicine known and it is a great treasure house as an enormously powerful science. This is largely because it is a very specific and comprehensive practice in using Acupuncture, custom made Individual Herbal Preparations, Nutrition and Life-style Recommendations to help the body to regain its overall balance and maintain health in the most natural way possible.


Special Advantages to Chinese Medicine:

§  In treating both acute and chronic conditions, Chinese Medicine focuses on treating the root cause of illness along with the symptoms, attempting to bring the entire body back into balance. Conventional medicine generally focuses on treating the specific complaint and symptoms of a disease.

§  Acupuncture and Herbal Prescriptions are natural and very safe, and are often preferred to conventional drug therapy. Tolerance does not build up over time.

§  It is relatively inexpensive compared to conventional medicine, has been known to help in healing of certain conditions for which Western Medicine has no answers, and can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments.

§  It is effective not only in treatment of disease but also in maintaining health and preventing disease.

§  The whole body is treated the physical body along with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. When the energy of the body is balanced, the body is empowered to heal itself. While treating a specific condition, a person often notices an overall improvement in health and regaining of homeostasis.

§  Sufficient time is spent listening to you extensively regarding your history and life patterns during the initial examination. Acupuncturists are particularly trained to observe very subtle signs and symptoms, which are thought of as insignificant or often overlooked by conventional medical practitioners.


Diagnosis is quite different in Chinese Medicine.
Taking the Pulse is a major aspect of accurate diagnosis which can last anywhere from 1-10 minutes. It is a highly developed skill giving information about any imbalances within the individual organs and meridians.

The Tongue is a map of the body. By looking at the color, shape, subtle variations on the tongue and its coat, further information is gathered for diagnosis of the overall health.

Pulse and Tongue are of foremost importance in diagnosis, however, other methods of examination are also used as support, along with a complete personal history.


Forms of Treatments include:

§  Acupuncture

§  Herbal Medicine Formulas

§  Electrical Acupuncture

§  Nutrition and Diet

§  Moxibustion

§  Cupping

§  Meditation in Nature

§  Acupuncture for the Mind

§  Ear Acupuncture

§  Constitutional Acupuncture

§  Essential Oil Therapy