Emotions & Chinese Medicine

Emotions, from Chinese Medicine perspective can be called a ‘pathogen’.  Just as eating too much sugar can lead to an imbalance in the body, so too can the excess of any of the main emotions such as anger, joy, sadness or grief, worry, fear or fright.

Each emotion corresponds to an organ.  When an organ’s energetics are out of balance, it can exacerbate the corresponding emotion.  Likewise, if a person experiences a certain emotion too much, it can weaken the energetics and hence, functioning of that organ.

For example, if a person is extremely fearful, the energetics of their kidney will start to become weaker.  Over time, the areas that the meridian of the kidneys passes through or the areas of the body governed by the energetics of the kidney begin to become weaker.  Some of the areas of the body that the kidneys govern are the lower back and the knees.  When a person is fearful often, they can start to have pain in their low back or knees over time.  The kidneys do not like cold, whether its cold temperature or cold foods.  If a person is walking barefoot often on a tile or wood floor that is cool or cold, they will gradually be impacting the kidneys, since the first acupuncture point of the kidneys is on the sole of the foot.   As the kidneys energetics weaken, they may start to experience more fear in their life, which they didn’t before. 

If you drink too much alcohol, you will be causing more taxation on the liver.  As the liver becomes overwhelmed, the corresponding emotion will show its face more – you may feel more angry or irritable.  This may not be immediately noticeable, but over time or the next day.  You yourself may not be aware of it, but others around you may notice. Likewise, if you are angry often, you will cause more strain on the liver.  As the liver becomes more strained, you will feel more stress. You may find it more difficult to relax.

If you have experienced a trauma, such as someone dear passing, grief can weaken the energetics of the Lungs.  You may notice that you are coughing more or have more shortness of breath. 

Here is a chart of the organs and their corresponding emotion:

Liver               Anger

Kidney            Fear

Spleen            Worry

Heart               Joy

Lungs              Sadness/Grief

So you can see that emotions play a big role in your life and your health.  Not all symptoms are because the organ itself is having an issue.  The root may be the emotion you have been experiencing for a long period of time.  By healing the underlying anger or fear, you may find that your physical symptoms begin to change.

Chinese Medicine is a powerful medicine that incorporates the physical body, the emotions, the mind and the environment in treating a person. No two people are the same. As such, no two treatments are the same. 

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