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Sometimes we feel stuck in our life as if in a fog. We begin projects and never complete them. We don’t know what our next step should be in life. We know we are not satisfied with how things are but don’t know how to make the necessary changes.  We may go through emotional ups and downs of depression, anxiety, fear and worry. The turbulence and stagnation within doesn’t allow us to make our dreams into a reality.

In my 16 years in the health field,  many of my clients have shared their problems and found tremendous insight into the changes they need to make to move forward. I guide my clients to their inner strength and potential so that they can find happiness in their life and circumstances. Through coaching on the phone or online, I will support you towards your goal and an empowered life, whether its emotional, spiritual or physical changes that you are seeking.

In addition to my training in Chinese Medicine, I have studied for over 25 years with Indigenous Healers and their subtle yet powerful methods of working with emotions and the mind in transforming one’s inner state through practices with nature. I also have over 1000 hours of training in various healing arts such as energy healing, reiki, bioenergetics, Native American Indian teachings, and much more. 

You can choose how long you would like support.

  • 15min $30
  • 30min $60
  • 45min $80
  • 60min $110
  • 75min $140
  • 90min $170

what people are saying

Thank you Rita. You are wiser than any counselor/psychogist. ~MS

Talking to you is so helpful. It’s like you bring light to the situation in such a profound way. It’s worth every minute to speak with you. Your suggestions and perceptions are life changing. It’s only been a few months and already so much has improved in my life! Thank you, thank you! God Bless. ~MH

I can’t thank you enough Rita. I feel so much more balanced and clear on my path. All the anxiety and emotional turmoil has decreased tremendously. It’s amazing how speaking with you just twice a month for the past few months has paved the way for a new life for myself. 🙂 ~JH


Ohhhh…I am so happy I found you!  Your wisdom and peacefulness are a treasure! Thanks soo much! ~SF