Books by Rita Panahi

Own Your Health Change Your Destiny

For the person who doesn’t know where to start to be healthy, the person who has little time, or the person who needs a reminder in an easy to read format. Own Your Health, Change Your Destiny: Ancient Knowledge Made Simple offers concise steps, in a simple format, based on ancient knowledge that forms the foundation for anyone who wants to be healthier. 

Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity

Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity

Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity offers an inspiring outlook on losing weight, taking into account the physical body and diet, our emotions, and mind while adding the missing link – our energy and nature’s power. The book incorporates teachings from indigenous healers of South America, demonstrating their relationship with nature and how to heal and transform one’s weight into creative potential and vitality. Any time we gain weight, we are repressing the tremendous power for growth, transformation, and creativity. The key for transformation lies in learning how to realign our energy with that of nature in order to heal, lose weight, and liberate our creative potential.

wonderful book about relationship. must read book.

Simple Relationship Wisdom

Relationships  are an integral yet challenging part of life. They have a direct impact on our mind, emotions, and health. Whether with our spouses or partners, colleagues, children, or friends, successful relationships bring tremendous joy and light to our lives, and failing ones can take us to the depths of an emotional abyss.

Simple Relationship Wisdom breaks down the key ingredients for success in any type of relationship. Bursting with wisdom and presented in a simple and applicable format, this book is a treasure as a daily guide.

How to Change Your Karma Now

Karma is commonly defined as the consequences of our actions. But this rudimentary understanding merely scratches the surface. In her book How to Change Your Karma Now, she delves into the subtler root causes that direct our karma. Written with a spirit of compassion and mindfulness, the book provides detailed steps and helpful exercises which will empower the reader to transform their karma to see their dreams manifest in reality. It is also eye-opening and beneficial for those who may be satisfied with their lives, yet long to learn about the deeper dimensions of themselves and their interconnectedness with all living beings, nature, and the universe.

Loving myself notebook

Reflect. Dream. Transform. A Journey Back to You!

Loving Myself Notebook is dedicated to YOU! It is a space for you to reflect, dream, be inspired, share your feelings, and become more conscious of the beauty and miracle that is you. With magical scenery as the backdrop, affirmations and brief exercises will guide you on a journey of self reflection and greater consciousness to transform your life to the joy that you deserve.

Comes in Color and B&W Interior.