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Acupuncture & Injuries -
Increase the rate of healing

Acupuncture can do wonders for many ailments, but one of the most amazing results are for injuries. Many times when injured, we just let it heal on its own or use ice and heat. Ice reduces inflammation to a degree and heat helps improve circulation. Rest prevents the injury from getting even worse and giving it time to heal. However, acupuncture gets even deeper to the root to help heal.

Keys to losing weight naturally

What is it that contributes to weight gain and the difficulty in losing weight?  On the surface of course it appears that we gain weight from eating too much and exercising too little, but is that all there is to it?

Weight gain is multi-faceted and as a result losing weight is also multi-faceted. We tend to always fight the battle on the surface without looking at the root of the problem.


The word stress is used daily by almost everyone, from teenagers to adults. It seems to have become a part of normal daily life. There are two categories that stress can fall into – emotional and physical. Ultimately both impact each other. The side-effects of emotional stress weaken the physical body. The side-effects of physical stress, can lead to emotional stress when we are confronted with health problems.

Emotions & Chinese Medicine

Emotions, from Chinese Medicine perspective can be called a ‘pathogen’.  Just as eating too much sugar can lead to an imbalance in the body, so too can the excess of any of the main emotions such as anger, joy, sadness or grief, worry, fear or fright.

Each emotion corresponds to an organ.  When an organ’s energetics are out of balance, it can exacerbate the corresponding emotion.  Likewise, if a person experiences a certain emotion too much, it can weaken the energetics and hence, functioning of that organ.


We live our life believing that every decision that we make is our own and the consequences also solely impact us alone. At other times we may think that our decisions have no consequences at all.

Life is to be enjoyed.  Food and drinks are to be enjoyed. Yet, in those moments of enjoyment, we may not reflect on the real purpose of food and drinks. We eat and drink based on taste, social norms, cravings and habits that we have accumulated over our lifetime and we rarely step beyond that unless we fall ill.