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Acupuncture Doubles the Healing Rate for Injuries

Acupuncture can do wonders for many ailments, but one of the most amazing results are for injuries. Many times when injured, we just let it heal on its own or use ice and heat. Ice reduces inflammation to a degree and heat helps improve circulation. Rest prevents the injury from getting even worse and giving it time to heal. However, acupuncture gets even deeper to the root to help heal.

Here are some real examples of patients and how they have healed from their injury:

A man in his 40’s fell in a biking accident and fractured his arm in 3 places. The doctors had told him he would need at least 1.5-2 years to fully heal. Through weekly acupuncture treatment, his arm was fully healed in only 8 months.

A teenager had hurt his knee at school and it was severely swollen.  It was painful to walk and he had to consider stopping sports all together for the semester. After 3 treatments, the swelling was completely reduced and within 2 weeks he was able to get back on his football team.

A female had fallen on her ribs during a dance class just 3 weeks before the performance. She was unable to move her arm nor move without pain, even while sleeping. She received treatments several times a week and within 2 weeks she was able to dance again and was ready to perform by the 3rdweek.

What is it that acupuncture does? It increases circulation to the area of injury, rebalances the body and strengthens the immune system to be able to recover at a much faster rate. The specific points chosen can help to reduce swelling, help bones to heal, improve lymph circulation, improve blood circulation and strengthen the body overall to be able to heal.

Often times, when an injury is left to heal on its own, it rarely fully heals at the core and the joint is more susceptible to future injuries, being slightly weaker overall. Also, the longer an injury is left to heal on its own, the more other parts of the body compensate for that injury, throwing off the equilibrium of the body in general.

Therefore its not only important to help to heal an injury as thoroughly and quickly as possible, but its also important to strengthen the other joints that have been compensating as well as the overall body.

Next time you or your family and friends have an injury, consider acupuncture as a very important part for healing!

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