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Bringing you the wisdom of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine), Functional Medicine, Diet & Nutrition and Coaching,  my goal is to help you and educate you to heal not only symptomatically but at the root and live a truly healthy life.  You will receive personal attention and guidance to achieve your goals towards optimum health.

Treatments and guidance are specific to your condition and your constitution.  Become healthier and feel better today!



  • Skin Conditions
  • Pain Management
  • Sciatica / Injuries
  • Joint Pain / Arthritis
  • ADHD
  • Digestive Issues
  • Constipation
  • Cleansing Regimen
  • Menstrual Pain, Irregularities
  • Infertility
  • Women’s Health
  • Lyme Disease Symptoms
  • Allergies / Asthma
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Cancer Immune Support
  • Fatigue
  • Stress Relief / Relaxation
  • Teenage Health
  • Preventative
  • Migraine / Headaches
  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Insomnia

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Infertility, Breech Baby, Neck Pain
“I had some awful upper back and neck pain. I could not move my head for weeks. It finally got unbearable. I was skeptical, but desperate. I saw Rita. I swear, I was 95% healed after the first session. It was amazing. I went back two weeks later to take care of the last bit of pain and we started talking about my health in general. She said she could help me with my infertility problems. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant with out luck for some time. I was just about to make an appointment with my doctor to explore what the problem may be. I figured if she could completely heal my back and neck why not try her on this too. What could it hurt? Four months later I was pregnant! No lie. I had been trying to get pregnant for years. Again, simply amazing! Then! A few weeks ago, at 37 weeks pregnant, my baby turned breech. I saw Rita for moxibustion. Baby turned the next day! My experiences being treated by Rita have been nothing short of magical. She is a wonderful, caring, supportive, and very skillful acupuncturist and herbalist. Go to her!”
– Tracy B

UTI, Anxiety, Thyroid

“I don’t think words can express the gratitude I have for crossing paths with Miss Rita. I was battling an antibiotic resistant infection causing frequent bladder infections which had turned into chronic IC. I also had no energy, thyroid issues, complete exhaustion and just felt like giving up. I had previously tried everything holistic including other acupuncturists and herbalists. My healing journey has happened in layers, but my daily bladder pain had subsided relatively quickly. I got my energy back, started sleeping through the night and had no more anxiety. Rita has a gentle way about her, she’s a natural healer who offers a whole body approach – mind, body and spirit. I am a highly sensitive, spiritual person and I can confide in Rita with all of my hearts secrets and I know they are safe with her. When we got the infection under control, we have worked on my other health concerns with great success; my frequent neck pain, my thyroid and diet, my deeply buried emotional scars. You can just feel the healing taking place during the appointment and the days that follow. Rita is the best!!”  – Courtney R

Shoulder Surgery Recovery 

“Rita Panahi is just incredible. I feel better and better after every visit. I’m recovering from massive shoulder/rotator surgery.  She is knowledgeable and CARES about her clients. She is by far the BEST acupuncturist in the area.” – JG


“I’M PREGNANT! My first blood draw for hcg was 2998. They look for anything over 200. Holy cow! Thank you so much. You have helped me achieve my dream!!” –MB

ADHD – Allergies teenager
“Rita is working miracles with our 14 year-old son! At age 7, he was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed stimulant medicine. He had been taking the medicine, with increasing dosage levels, for 7 years. The medicine started causing side effects so we stopped    giving it to him. His first appointment with Rita was 3 days after being off the medicine. Rita, who is so calm and kind and sweet, became a mighty warrior in the plight to heal our son’s ADHD and allergies. The result after only two months: anxiety and agitation from the medicine dissipated almost immediately, and the allergies were significantly improved. Our son is happier and more confident. He does homework better and his test anxiety has decreased. He has more energy and is more outgoing. School is easier and focus is improving. He has never been healthier.

Since Rita was able to heal our son so amazingly, we decided to ask her to treat our daughter who was recovering from surgery after a season-ending ankle injury. Six months after surgery, our daughter was cleared to run by her surgeon and physical therapist, but could not do so without significant pain. She was frustrated beyond belief and wanted to try acupuncture. After only a few sessions with Rita, our daughter was able to run almost pain-free. The look on our her face was priceless after her first pain-free run!

Rita continues to treat both of our children. Our son’s ADHD and allergies continue to improve and my daughter is running! Rita works tirelessly to treat my children naturally using many avenues. In addition to acupuncture, she provides nutritional advice, essential oil blends, topical healing herbs, and other therapies to help with focus. Rita has my entire family reading labels and eating healthy. Our family life has improved ten-fold thanks to Rita and her amazing healing abilities.”
– DR

Chronic Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
“Rita is amazing. I feel so blessed to have found her. Over the past year or so I was having lots of issues with my menstrual cycle. It was getting so bad that I didn’t want to leave the house. I was scheduled for a hysterectomy and then canceled it a few days before because I just didn’t believe that was the only way to solve my issues.

After seeing a number of Ob/Gyn doctors and getting almost the same answers, I was quite frustrated. The doctors kept telling me it was my hormones, and I should either do birth control or the surgery. I didn’t like those options because it wasn’t solving the issue if it was truly my hormones.

Someone referred me to Rita. I’m so happy I made an appointment with her. Within 2 months, between the acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs, Rita had my cycle coming at a normal interval and the flow has significantly improved. I can’t wait to see what another month or two will bring. For the past 3 years, my husband has had a reoccurring knot in his shoulder blade. After talking with Rita about his issue, I convinced him to make an appointment. After the first treatment he noticed an improvement. I know Rita is going to fix us both up, and that whatever issue we face in the future she will be able to solve. ”– MM

Chronic Headaches
“I have been seeing Rita for 9 months. I was having bad headaches for over a year. Doctors did every test imaginable. They could not find anything. The headaches continued until I started to see Rita. In just a few visits I am now headache free. I feel wonderful and enjoy life more. I continue to see her for other issues.”  -LM


“Rita is amazing. She helped me so much with my IVF journey. I am now 5 days away from welcoming our miracle. Her knowledge is unmatched. The way she helps with diet, supplements and comes up with a plan is so helpful. It’s also a huge bonus that she is soooo incredibly nice. I would highly recommend.” – MB

Chronic UTI

“Rita is the best! She’s a kind, caring and amazing healer. I came to her a few months ago for a chronic health issue I had been struggling with for a couple of years. She not only heals through acupuncture, but is a full service healer with many modalities that prove beneficial on ones healing journey. She custom tailors a diet plan, herbs and supplements for each client that suites their constitution (body type). If you are ready to let go of your health issues; Rita can help your mind, body and soul come into alignment ❤️” ~ CR

Chronic Back Pain, Tendonitis
“I initially went to Rita for treatment of back spams, and not only did she get my back feeling great, but recommended dietary changes that have cleared up my skin, and made me feel better and healthier. I have been seeing Rita for ~10months and not only has the back pain disappeared, my back feels more loose and flexible. Rita fixed some other nagging problems I had such as tendonitis in my upper arm. My right arm hurt so bad I couldn’t raise it above my head, but now I am pain free and have full use of my arm. I recently had a thorough physical exam complete with a host of blood tests, and the tests came back better than they have in years. I attribute this to Rita and would recommend her to anyone with pain or health issues.”  -Jim W.

Sleeping Problems, Nightmares
“Seeing Rita has completely changed my sleep pattern, energy levels and overall health. I was referred to Rita because I was suffering from intense sleep disruption and night terrors. She made me feel understood and helped me find solutions to help me sleep. After just one session with her I had noticeable results. She also recommended a new health routine for me that has helped me greatly. She has amazing insight on natural remedies, which I prefer. She has a calming and supportive nature, and that alone honestly helped put me at ease.”– BG

Chronic UTI
“I went to Rita after months of a UTI that had been prescribed antibiotics repeatedly by Kaiser docs. Within a few days, my pain had gone way down and after months of lying on the couch, was back to being able to do the things I love. She is kind and a good listener and tailors each treatment to how you feel that day. I live in Sonoma and have to drive over an hour each way to get there, but it’s so worth it! She’s a miracle worker and I am recommending her to everyone I know.”   – CG

Common Cold
“Rita, I just wanted to let you know that I feel so much better today! I don’t think I’ve ever recovered so quickly from a cold. Thank you so much, you’re a miracle worker!” – RK

Chronic Foot Pain
“I want to share with you the great news, the pain in my foot is gone away, not completely, but still no more swelling. I can go to bed without a slipper on my foot!! Thank uuuu” – CM

Chronic Knee Pain
“I just wanted to give a quick update on my knee. Its feeling so much better since the last visit, I have full range of motion with little pain, thank you and have a great day!”  – JD

Lower Back Pain
“You’ve officially replaced my retired acupuncturist. Great job Rita. I feel nice and loose and I played golf yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much!!!”  – JR

Chronic Headaches
“I have been seeing Rita Panahi for 9 months. I was having bad headaches for over a year. The doctors did every test imaginable. They could not find anything. the headaches continued until I started to see Rita. In just a few visits I am now headache free. I feel wonderful and enjoy life more. I continue to see her for other issues.”  – LM

“I have been seeing Rita since September 2014 and she has been treating me for a variety of health issues during this time. The most incredible was her support during my first pregnancy. I had the most amazing pregnancy – no morning sickness, no swelling, no other common issues, and while I did exercise daily and ate healthfully, I believe, acupuncture made a big difference to the way I felt. Healthy diet is something Rita emphasizes, as well. She takes a holistic approach to her treatment and discusses your nutrition and lifestyle, tweaks to which may have a profound effect on one’s health. Moreover, I love Rita as a person. She is so caring, understanding, and very kind! She is a great listener, as well.”  – AK

Severe Menstrual Pain
“I am on the 5th day of my period and had cramps ONLY on my first day, so I took 3 pills of Aleve during the day. Usually I have horrible cramps for the first 3-4 days and had to take sometimes even subscribed pain killers. But all these last days NO PILLS AT ALL!

I even went to work out on the second and the third days of my period. Just had minor cramps in the evening yesterday and day before yesterday, but very little and short. But overall it is THE FIRST TIME FOR ABOUT 15 YEARS I DID NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATION, EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST DAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!”  – KC

Kidney Disease – High Cholesterol – Arthritis
“Rita has helped me with knee pain from osteoarthritis, In the past, I had to get an injection of artificial joint fluid every 6 months for my left knee, otherwise it felt like someone was taking a broom stick handle and whacking it across the front of my knee. With acupuncture, I was able to go 13 months without an injection, and even then the knee pain was not as severe. 

I also needed help to lower my triglycerides, as plain dietary changes through the years didn’t help. I received acupuncture, but Rita also suggested adding certain supplements to my diet. Over a year’s period, on most mornings I followed her suggestions. With that combination, my triglycerides went down by 87 mg/dL and is now in the normal range. My VLDL (very low density) values also decreased by 18mg/dL and is now in the normal range. My kidney function eGFR (glomerular filtration rate) has also increased and is now in the normal range. That hasn’t happened in years.

After seeing Rita weekly about 2 months, I now go once or twice a month for tune ups. I would certainly try Rita if you have health issues that aren’t being helped by traditional western medicine or if you want a more holistic approach. She is very easy to talk to and listens to you. She is a very kind and caring person. She is very professional. Her office is very clean and has a calming zen feel.”– RS

Throat Infection, Emotional Balance
“My personal connection to spirit and nature is in my voice. As a singer. There was a period of time where I suffered from chronic throat infections, I was also in an extremely toxic work environment where I was made to keep my thoughts to myself, to silence my most useful form of expression; my voice. I was made aware just how strongly my energy was being effected and the changes I needed to make so as to not ruin my instrument. This person encouraged me to basically position myself to be happy, let good energy flow out of me through my truth and allow good energy to be returned. Eight years later I hardly ever experience a throat infection. This person was Rita Panahi. Her book “Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity” is a fantastic guide to aligning ones self with greater tools to lose weight then just the basics we have been taught, or not been taught for so many. Its so much bigger than (eat right and exercise.) This is about changing your relationship with yourself and with food. The frustration that comes with yo yo dieting and feelings of failure are touched upon throughout the read, in such a gentle way with the most relatable metaphors to help us understand the few changes we can make to lose weight and truly keeping it off. For a person who hardly ever reads a book from cover to cover… WOW I was hooked. So many gems of knowledge surrounding our struggles with weight are broken down in this book. To truly understand your relationship with yourself and food, you need this book. It has SO much more to do with happiness than you would imagine. We think ‘Once I lose weight, I will be happy.’ The notion that allowing your happiness will encourage your successful weight loss instead of the other way around. Truly educational, caring and filled with love and compassion.” – M.Thornton – professional singer

Chronic Migraines-Sciatic Pain
“I am stubborn and a skeptic and I have waited to exhaust several western methods on numerous occasions before visiting Rita. I couldn’t run for six months and she fixed my back in two sessions. She also completely alleviated my migraines. She’s amazing at what she does and has a great passion for it as well.”  – RJ – film maker

Chronic Cough with Cold
“Rita, You are an awesome wonder! I am doing fantastic! I have been a walking marketing endorsement for your business; I have been telling everyone about you. I appreciate it and now I am able to enjoy my vacation with my family next week.”  – AS

Anxiety – ADHD
“Thank you for the treatment yesterday for my daughter. Her flights went very well today and I can tell she is feeling comfortable and good. She left your office very content. She then woke early this morning very focused, calm, and unafraid. She finished packing and didn’t miss a thing. She never mentioned or looked like she had any anxiety about the flights or airport stays. I had to let you know because I think your treatment helped a lot.”  – KR

Hip Pain-Impaired Movement (patient visiting from Europe)
“Pain is gone, movements restored to at least 80% … I am very happy and will continue final treatment in Berlin. Again thank you very much. It helped a lot. ”
– HD

Breast Cancer patient
“Rita is very professional, knowledgeable, caring, understanding, great listener. I found her during my search for alternative treatment program, when I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in January. The program she provided has made a huge impact on my overall health and well being. I was apprehensive about Acupuncture prior to seeing Rita, now I look forward to my appointments. She puts me at ease and is very gentle. The office is very clean and quite. I’ve been on the program for about 5 months. I’m confident I’m healthier due to her guidance, nutritional plan and Acupuncture sessions. I have tons of energy and naturally lost weight (BONUS!) My friends and family are amazed at the changes and ask “what are you doing differently”. She genuinely cares and that’s what I was looking for during my search. I highly recommended Rita for anyone looking for the right acupuncturist.”  – MS

Anxiety-Panic Attacks
“Great news. I did not get any anxiety on the plane or anywhere else. No pills taken !!!!!! Thank you so much, I think your treatment is working.”

Update 6 months later: “I commute to San Francisco by Bart again. Guess what – no problem at all!!!! No anxiety !!!!! I am soooo happy !!!!! Thank you very much again”. – GS

Thyroid Imbalance
“Rita is a healer. I had a physical in May. My thyroid was outside the normal at 5.45. I am a 64 year old male, and have always been very active. I noticed I was looking to take a nap in the afternoon, and even if I did, I would wake up not rested. OK I thought, must be the old man aging process. It was nothing major, and not harmful. After the diagnosis I was given the prescription of Synthroid. I know the body is capable of healing and wanted a different answer. So, I contacted Rita who came highly recommended from a physical therapist I have worked with for about nine years. I did a 3 month treatment, and last week I went in for a follow up blood test. My TSH was back in normal range at 3.9. More than that, since the second day of the first treatment, I have had almost no urge to sleep in the afternoon. I also noticed that my forearm skin is no longer dry and flaky. That happened at week three. Reading about acupuncture, I always see that it works, but, rarely do I see hard evidence that it does. So, I thought I would provide the numbers. I will continue with Rita because I believe acupuncture, which has been around for 5000 years, treats the body as a whole, and not just one particular symptom. Rita makes her clients feel welcome, she takes the time to know you, and is flexible with her treatment as the patient needs change. Is it a permanent fix. I do not know. But, I think it is like working out. I believe it takes consistency over a period of time. Rita is the right person with a great bedside manner. ”
– JS

Acne-Menstrual Irregularity-Chronic Fatigue
“I had been dealing with horrible breakouts around my jawline and irregular menstrual cycles for quite a few months. I tried a dermatologist and they started mentioning accutane and some other harsh medications. I wanted to deal with my issue naturally and not just mask the symptoms – luckily I found Rita through yelp! Within a few months of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal teas Rita created for me my skin is spotless and I barely wear any makeup anymore. She has also helped me improve my energy levels. Previously I was falling asleep in meetings and while driving home from work, now that is no longer an issue! Rita was also able to help me with some neck pain I came in with one week. I know whatever ails me Rita will be able to help in a natural, non-invasive, healthy way. Can’t imagine life without her services; definitely give her a try!”  -EC

Cancer patient
“I have been seeing Rita for three and a half years, originally for long-term neck pain and insomnia, both of which I experience now only rarely. Rita then helped me cope with an advanced cancer diagnosis, major abdominal surgery, and 5 months of chemotherapy during which I worked full time, to the amazement of my doctors. She has since helped me get through a series of joint and muscle issues, and a variety of life issues. Rita has advised me on diet and health issues with great knowledge, experience and integrity. Shortly after I started seeing her, I remembered the saying about when the student is ready the teacher will come, and think that applies here absolutely.”  -KG

Infertility Patient
“Rita was recommended by a friend and I am eternally grateful for the recommendation. Rita takes the time to truly listen to what is occurring and I believe she is an artist and incredibly gifted. I started going to Rita for a specific issue but found that she has encouraged me and supported me to live a more healthy and balanced life in general. She spent time going over suggested health guidelines and ways to incorporate changes that could improve my overall health. Rita has a caring, professional and authentic demeanor. I have recommended her to numerous friends and family and will continue to do so.”  -MR

Mother-Extreme Fatigue, Back Pain. Daughter-Bedwetting at Age 9
“I started seeing Rita about 6 months ago. I Have 3 daughters, after having my third I had no energy and just wanted to sleep all the time, Rita fixed that in one session and I have gone back for many other things, lower back pain and sore throats, she has helped with it all! I also take my daughters to her and she has helped them tremendously- She has helped them understand the importance of healthy food choices and they trust her and talk with her about whatever is on their mind. She really is amazing! I highly recommend her!!! I feel happy healthy and balanced!”  -RC

Neck Pain – Allergies
“I was always skeptical of acupuncture; however, due to chronic neck pain from a work injury as a firefighter, I decided to give it a try. After a couple visits to Rita, my neck pain diminished to the most manageable level it’s been in years. I’ve also suffered from severe allergies (seasonal hay fever) since I was a child to the point of daily medicine and allergy shots several times a year. One day I when seeing Rita my allergies were blowing up: eyes puffy and watering, throat scratchy, head plugged up and I was exhausted. Rita gave me acupuncture to address my allergies, and an hour later I left feeling much better.In addition to the immediate results of the acupuncture, working with Rita has helped me modify a lot of the rest of my lifestyle, especially my diet. I’ve felt better than I have in years!Rita is a truly sweet and caring person. It is always a pleasure to see her, and I highly recommend her and her acupuncture service.”  -BB

Severe Allergies
“I had been stuffed up, had respiratory issues and worst of all I was unable to smell or taste for 10 months. I saw 2 different ENTs who put me on multiple antibiotics that didn’t work and then suggested surgery before I finally decided to try something different and made an appointment with Rita. On the first appointment she was welcoming and gracious and truly listened to all my issues. I felt relaxed and at ease with her immediately. I finally found someone who really listened to ALL the problems going on and she had many suggestions of ways to improve my overall health. Within the first few weeks of treatment I was able to breathe clearly and discontinued my asthma medication. A few weeks later and my smell and taste have started coming back! I am so grateful and thankful to have found Rita!”  – JH

“I started acupuncture when I was having trouble becoming pregnant. After just two months of seeing Rita I became pregnant! The office is very relaxing and I look forward to my sessions. Rita is extremely knowledgeable and has also helped me get on track with a proper diet. I highly recommend Rita and am very happy to have found her. In addition to being an expert in her field, she is also just a great person.”  -RS

Allergies – Mono – Menstrual Pain
“My family and I have been going to Rita for a few years. We are so fortunate to have such an exceptional healer in our area. From seasonal allergies to food allergies, colds, injuries, hair loss, female issues, Rita treats it all. She has transformed my life. I suffered for years with seasonal and food allergies without any help from medical doctors. I went to Rita as a last resort having never been treated by anyone who practices eastern medicine. I am so grateful i did. I highly recommend her.”  -MP

Pulmonary Aspergillosis – Severe Asthma
“I went to see Rita almost a year ago for severe asthma. I have been on medications while Rita has tried to reduce their side effects while strengthening my health. I have been feeling much better and doctors have agreed to stop medications gradually. I am much more stronger in all aspects of my life after seeing Rita. She has changed my eating habits and I can feel the difference. I will recommend her with no doubts. I also come from a family of doctors but fortunately they also believe better to avoid medications. My dad use to suggest drinking chamomile when I had a stomach pain  but Rita has the proper background and knowledge to guide you to the use of natural medicine. Plus she is a wonderful person.”  – CC

Breech Baby
“Just wanted to let you know my ultrasound showed the baby head down now. Hopefully he stays that way. Thanks for your help.”  – AG

“Rita is pretty awesome :). I’ve been seeing her since about midway through my pregnancy for pregnancy-related ailments like low-back pain, swelling, carpal tunnel, etc. Along the way she has also helped me with congestion, emotional stress, a random eye twitch, and even my diet! I have been feeling WAY better than expected these last few months, and I attribute a lot of that to my once-a-week acupuncture! Rita is both extremely knowledgeable and extremely sweet and easy to talk to. I feel confident that she has a way to help with almost any symptom/issue that comes up for me … if I get a new weird symptom, I just think to myself, “I’ll ask Rita about it.” And usually she has a way to provide relief :). I have seen other acupuncturists in the past as well, but Rita is my favorite. Her treatment room is cozy and comfortable (I often find myself falling asleep during a treatment), and her knowledge about overall health (particularly diet) really comes in handy. Highly recommended.”  – KG

General Health Maintenance
“Acupuncture has not only helped with physical ailments but emotional ones as well! Rita’s treatments have helped bring clarity and peace to my life!”   – KW

Shoulder Pain – Anxiety Patient
“Rita is amazing ! She was able to help me with a few of my health issues. I get a diagnosis from the MD and go to her for the treatment . It really works! My shoulder pain went away after 5 treatments. I came back to take care of an anxiety , and after 4 treatments I am not afraid of flying any more. I also admire her professionalism and pleasant personality. I recommended her services to my daughter and my friends.”  – GS

Breech Baby
“Good news. Baby is head down. Yay! So happy. Must have been that day when you did what you did because it was active. Thank you so much!”  – KT

Allergy patient
“Rita is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition as well as Western Medicine. She has helped me tremendously with my food and environmental allergies. I have been seeing her for a couple of months and the quality of my life has greatly improved.”  – MP

Back Pain, Stress patient
“Rita is top notch in her field. I had very serious back issues for over 12 years, along with a stressful career. Rita has taken away a majority of my back pain with the acupuncture. I talk about her to everyone because I can’t believe how wonderful I feel after seeing her. I truly never thought I would have a stress free back. In additional to being a great Acupuncturist, she is an amazing, kind woman. She would give you the shirt off her back to make you feel bettter. That is rare to find in this world.”   – MH

Joint Pain, Irregular Menstruation patient
“I began with Rita, admittedly as a bit of an unbeliever, for tennis elbow. I no longer have any pain or issues – I practice yoga and do strength training regularly. Since that experience, Rita has also treated me to help regulate my cholesterol, which is genetic in my family, and I no longer take any medication. She has helped straighten out my menstrual cycle and reduce intense cramps. She has also assisted me with nutrition, I lost 10 pounds. I continue to see Rita on a regular basis as part of my health care regime. She keeps me healthy and pain free – I am 52 and very active so that is quite an accomplishment. Everyone I have referred to Rita has had success.”   -PH 

Professional Dancer and Singer – Sports Injuries patient
“Rita has helped me tremendously in my life through acupuncture. She is a special kind of holistic healer. Over the few years I have been seeing her I have gained better balance with my emotional self as well as fast recoveries through injuries along the way. I feel better..mind body and spirit.”   – AR 

Prostate Cancer patient
“Allow me to share the good news, my PSA went from 2.3 to 1.2 in the last three months.   – LR 

Back Pain – after 1 treatment
“Its even better than yesterday.. Little tight feeling still in lower back but upper back pain 100% gone & no left sided pain, just a generalized tightness like I need to start stretching more now again. Thank you so much!   – AB 

Stomach Pain, Hormonal Imbalance, General Cleansing patient
“I don’t know what I would do without Rita! I’ve been seeing her for acupuncture and nutritional advice since June and she has been invaluable to me. She’s helping me heal my stomach, liver, gallbladder, and hormone levels, along with things like headaches and dizziness. I feel so much better and I have confidence in her ability to get me back to 100%. She offers what my “traditional” doctor CAN NOT and I feel like she’s on my side. I’ve recommended her to my friends and would recommend her to anyone.”   – SH 

General Health Maintenance
“Rita has been treating me for a few months for a specific concern I have, but my overall health and energy has greatly improved. She went over my nutrition and lifestyle and gave recommendations on changes I could make to help heal my body. She’s extremely professional in that she’s very caring and knowledgeable and she has a wonderful calm demeanor. Even if you’ve never tried acupuncture before, I highly recommend seeing Rita.” She is life changing!  – HM 

Menstrual Pain-Migraines patient
“I had no cramps at all last night and have not taken any Advil. No migraine either.  – DC 

Chronic Colitis patient
“The acupuncture treatments have helped my colitis condition, and my overall sense of well being. I have no bouts of diarrhea since the treatment. I am also grateful to you for being so thoughtful and attentive to my condition. I appreciate that you have kept in touch to be sure that I am doing well. I look forward to continuing our association, and attaining a healthier life.”  – IS 

Tendonitis-Weight Loss-Menstrual Pain
“Rita is amazing! I have been seeing her for about 4 months for a couple of medical issues. I had tendinitis in my right hand that was gone after a couple of sessions. She has so much experience and nutritional knowledge and is willing to share and guide me to get healthier. She listens and takes her time. I have almost everyone in my family seeing her! If you are looking for an acupuncturist who will treat the whole person, Rita is for you! I’m so glad I found someone who truly cares about getting her clients healthy!!”  – SG 

Chronic Sinus Infection-Headache patient
“Since childhood I have suffered with horrible seasonal allergies that often required medications with unwanted side effects. Acupuncture (and Rita!) has created a new life for me that no longer includes sinus infections, a stuffy/runny nose or constant sneezing. I thought that my allergies were a burden that I would just have to deal with for the rest of my life but acupuncture and herb treatments have proven otherwise and I am SO grateful.
– MT 

General Health patient
“Thanks for helping me blaze a new path towards a much happier and healthier life. You have had such a positive impact on my life and I thank you.”   – MP 

Chronic Low Back Pain patient
“I wanted to say thank you, I have not had the slightest urge to take any pain medications which is quite magnificent. Ive seen an amazing improvement as far as my energy level. I am feeling much better and haven’t had any lower back pain. I feel absolutely amazing, thank you – No headaches or pain in my lower back at all! – MH 

Chiropractor – Chronic Tendonitis
“A few hrs after your treatment my elbows felt wonderful. No pain. Its been almost 9 months since they were pain free.” – DrGC 

Infertility patient
“I’m now 5 1/2 months pregnant and both the baby (girl) and I are doing well. – EP 

Weight Loss/Insomnia patient
“I’m exercising again and have lost 10 lbs. since I’d seen you last month and am sleeping through the night consistently. – GF 

Chronic Shoulder Pain patient
“My primary goal of getting my shoulder feeling better has been met and it’s entirely due to your treatments. My shoulder is feeling 100% better and my family has been on a much better road to health because of your great holistic advice, especially with regards to changes in our diet. – GTF 

Severe Migraines-Eczema/Weight Loss patient
“Rita and her services have made an amazing change in my life. For 7 years I have suffered with severe migraines that affected my life in many ways. Within those years I have seen countless doctors ranging from primary care physicians to neurologists whom all have given me several tests, CT scans and MRIs of the brain. I have been on almost every migraine treatment that usually involved high dosages of western medicine that often caused the jitters, nausea, and very little sleep. When I started seeing Rita she treated my condition with acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional advice. I have come a long way with her guidance by changing my eating habits, exercising and my commitment to making a change to my overall health. Now the intensity and the frequency of the migraines have drastically decreased making me happier than ever. Addition to the positive changes in my life I have lost weight, my skin is clearer, and most of all I have found someone (Rita) who really cares about my wellbeing. Rita regularly checks in with me to see how I am doing and to give me further suggestions that could help. Out of all the years I have had migraines, I have never experience the care and the services that Rita provides and the willingness to figure out solutions to any problems I may have. With that said I thank Rita for all she has done to help me and I am very lucky to have her in my life. – IO 

Severe Neck Pain
“Rita Panahi was attentive to my needs and very thorough with my medical history. This was my very first acupuncture session and had no idea what to expect. She saw me on an emergency basis, while I was visiting from North Carolina! Very nice office atmosphere and very relaxing….actually dozed off while being treated. I truly recommend her with highest regards! My neck is way better than it was. Percentage wise, I’d say 80% better after the one treatment. The pain is not “taking my breath away” now!” – CC 

Chronic Sciatic Pain patient
“My back and leg are doing fine. I would say I’m walking a lot and with minimal to no sciatic pain! All in all I’m doing great. I would say I’m at 90%!! Thanks sooooo much for helping me with this, I really feel much better and I thank you for it!” – MM 

Back Pain-Weight Loss patient
“Rita is AMAZING! I initially saw Rita as I was having back issues – she fixed me right away. I have been seeing Rita for about 4 months. She has helped with my allergies and sinus issues along with my other aches and pains that have come with age lolShe is also helping me with weight management. She listens to what you have to say and is very patient. I am trying to get my oldest daughter to see Rita – she has had 2 back surgeries.. I am also interested in what Rita has to say about my son who is on the Autism spectrum. Rita is genuine, caring and compassionate. I look forward to seeing her as I feel so much better after I have seen her.I can’t say enough nice things about her.. she is one of a kind and truly incredible!” – MS 

Low Back Pain
“First of all, I have never been treated by an acupuncturist prior to seeing Rita. It’s not that I’m extremely skeptic, but it’s more or less because I dislike needles with a passion (I come from a family of nurses and had the wonderful pleasure of being a practice patient for my older sister and one of her friends when they were in nursing school — I rest my case). I made my initial appointment with Rita to treat lower back pain due to a car accident after being rear ended on my commute home from work. I had lower back surgery years ago and since then, I face certain tolerable restrictions (I cannot sit/stand for extended periods of time, including bending down a certain number of degrees, etc.). However, the car accident aggravated my lower back pain to a point that my tolerable restrictions became my enemy.

I’ve been a patient of Rita’s for a little over two months now, and I can honestly say that she genuinely cares about each one of her patients’ well being. She treats her patients’ initial issues, and continues further to tackle other items based on the patients’ responses provided in the Intake form. I will not go into details my existing/additional issues; however, although I was aware of them before, it became more prominent after Rita pointed out its connections to my overall health (one mind, one body, right?). I am also drinking a concoction of Chinese Herbal teas (she determines which herb mixtures are good for her patients’ ailments) to assist in my journey to better health. Although she teases me that I will eventually “love” my tea, I know that I will not because I have a sweet tooth, and this tea doesn’t even taste like burnt brownies (warning: the tea tastes like dirt). Nonetheless, I know I like what my tea is doing to my body, and I hope it continues in providing me with positive results.

Rita is knowledgeable, gentle, and a true professional. I heard from a colleague at work that the acupuncturist she goes to near her home hurts her. Yes, everyone have different pain tolerance levels, but the one she goes to sounds like she just jams the needles in her skin until it reaches the stopping point (Rita gently inserts the needles and sometimes taps it in place). Overall, I highly recommend Rita for acupuncture and Chinese Herbal tea services  – RT

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